False Courage is a Blast 1 that gives some sort of "super stun resistance" to the user for a few seconds.

Usage Edit

This Blast 1 doesn't prevent damages, but allow the user to act freely whatever happens, safe for two exceptions :

  • Throws
  • Rush-type Blasts moves

Any other attack, from Lift Strike to Genkidama through fully-charged smash or paralyzing Blasts 1, won't interrupt a fighter under False Courage state, so he can always move freely even in the middle of an ennemy's charged beam.

In another hand, this state doesn't last very long, limiting a lot its usefullness. The most intuitive usage is to initiate close-combat combos. It can also be used to quietly charge up Ki or Blasts 2, to reach Max Power Mode if user has enough Blast Stocks, or even to charge enough Ki and launch a Blast 2 twice before False Courage wears off.

Among all characters, Cui has the unique combination of False Courage and Sleep, which can be used if he has all his Blast Stocks. It is probably the most interesting use to False Courage, as it allows to Sleep without being interrupted, but remember that it isn't immune to grabs and Rush-type Blasts moves.

Cost varies between 1 and 2 Blast Stocks, following the character.

Users Edit

14 characters have False Courage in their movelist :

  • Android #19
  • Cui
  • Doria
  • Dr Gero
  • General Tao
  • Goten - SSJ
  • Gotenks - normal
  • Gotenks - SSJ
  • Hercule
  • Kid Goku - normal
  • Master Roshi - normal
  • Master Roshi - full power
  • Reecome
  • Zarbon - transformed


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