Goten Budokai Tenkaichi 2

A pure spammer, good whatever the distance, and who can also heal !


Gameplay Edit

Goten's high natural Ki charging speed paired with low Ki costs for his Blasts 2 (2 bars each) allows him to frequently use it. If ennemy is far away, use Full Power Energy Blast Volley (Neutral / C-Right [controller/wiimote]), which is powerful and accurate. If ennemy comes close, use Assault ! (Up / C-Right [controller/wiimote]), which send ennemy flying away enough to buy you time for charging more than two Ki bars. So, if ennemy dares charge you again, you can use Assault ! a second time, then charges up Ki again, and so on... And if ennemy stays at distance, you can either keep on chargin Ki, or use Full Power Energy Blast Volley.

Goten's Ultimate Blast is a Super Kamehameha, which is not as useful or powerful than his Blasts 2.

Concerning supportives Blasts 1, Goten is once more time well equiped. If After Image (2 stocks, Neutral) is a bit pricy, Sleep (3 stocks, Up) is very handy. The easiest way to use it is to disorient the ennemy first, notably with a Hyper Smash (Super Kameha is easily avoidable and Air Combo is less effective), but the total operation costs 4 Blast Stocks.

Proper Blast Stocks management is a real plus on Goten, as he has multiple useful ways to use it. In addition to Blasts 1, Goten can use the chain rush trick, simply goes onto SSJ form (where he's better at Rush Blasts, but loses his Blast Volley for a charging beam) or fuse into Gotenks in Tag Battles.

For his downsides, Goten has short reach and one of the lowest Health on the game. This makes him especially weak against giant ennemies.

Z-Items Edit

There are recommended items which work the best with Base Goten.

  1. Equipment Slot +3
  2. Health +19 : best resistance (over Defense +19 or Mystery of Sheron).
  3. Blast 1 +19 : this is optionnal, as spamming Blasts 2 is enough to deal with almost anything, but in other hand Goten has great and various uses of Blast Stocks.
  4. Blast 2 +19 : mandatory ! Goten is a spam machine.

This setup lets 3 free slots, 4 if you don't use Blast 1 +19.

Data Edit


Base Maxed out
Life 30.000 77.500
Overall Attack rating  %  %
Overall Defense rating 100 %  %
Blast Gauge charging time
Max Blast Stock 5
Ki full charging time
Ki bars at start of the battle 1
Ki bars auto regen max 3
Max Power Mode duration
Hits combos Attack Defense
Base Maxed out Base Maxed out
Rush attack 5 1.470 2.260 1.610 1.000
Smash 1 1.280 1.950 1.400 860
Grab 7 1.820 2.770 2.450 1.500
Ki blasts rush 3 600 930 1.250 800
Per blast 1 200 310 250 160
Charged ki blast 1 1.000 1.520 1.080 660
Kamehameha - - - 4.800 2.940

Common traits and techniquesEdit

Passives Common melee moves Max Power Mode
Absorb Ki Blasts - Banishing Attack Yes Banishing Attack + +1
Cyborg - Step-In Yes Homing Dragon + -
Fly Yes Rush In Yes Ki Blast Defense Reflect
Giant Yes Chase Attack Yes Rush Armor -
Lock-On Type Z-type High Speed Motion Yes Super Movement Yes
Range Short Lift Strike / Air Combos Yes Super Dash Yes
Stun Power - Ground Slash Yes Violent Rush Yes
Stun Defense - Dragon Tornado Yes Hyper Smash Yes
Rolling Hammer - Max Power Combo Yes
Sonic Impact Yes Max Power Combo Finish Yes
Massive Throw -
Illusion Slash Yes

Melee specific movesEdit

Type Inputs Move
Finishers 4x A , B (, B , B , A) Flying Kick
3x A , B (, B , B , A) Heavy Finish + Heavy Crush
2x A , B (, B , B , A) Kiai Cannon
A , B ( B) Flying Kick
Counters Rush, Guard After Image Strike
Step-In, Guard Sway
Smash cancel Feint After-image Strike
Step-In attacks B Sway Kiai Cannon
Up + B Step-In Lift Strike
Down + B Step-In Ground Slash + Dragon Tornado
Throw Up + Dash Throws ennemy straight forward.

Ki BlastsEdit

Position Description
Ki Blasts
Neutral Fires up to 3 Ki Blasts with great range, speed and accuracy, and slightly curved trajectory.
Dash Fires all 3 regular Ki Blasts at the cost of only one.
Ki Blast
Neutral Quick, big and round fireball. Straight trajectory if next to opponent, up-curved from afar.

Blast techniquesEdit

Blast 1
Blast Cost Stick Quick description
Afterimage 2 / 5 Neutral Automatically evades the next attack.
Sleep 3 / 5 Up Sleep for few seconds, to recover health if not hurted.
Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast
Ki Cost (/5) Hits Damages Wiimote move Quick description
Standard Wiimote
Base Maxed Base Maxed
Full Power Energy Blast Volley 2 8 1.130




8-shots volley blast.

(Values for 1 shot and all shots)

Assault ! 2 1 8.800 13.370 Rush Rush ; short reach, transport to the center of the arena, in the ground, then smash the ennemy forward.
Super Kamehameha (Ultimate) 5 6 12.840 19.440 Kameha Energy beam.


Cost Inputs Bonus
Super Saiyan 1 / 5 (Left +) Transform None
Base form Free Down + Transform None
Gotenks 3 / 5 Charge + (Left +) Transform Depending on Kid Trunks itemization
SSJ Gotenks 4 / 5 Charge + Up + Transform Depending on Kid Trunks itemization
SSJ 3 Gotenks 5 / 5 Charge + Right + Transform Depending on Kid Trunks itemization

Miscellaneous Edit

Dragon Library description Edit

This is Goku's second son, Goten as a boy. He looks a lot like Goku did when he was a boy.

Unlike his older brother Gohan, Goten was raised in a carefree environment, and spent most of his days playing with his best friend Trunks.

Similar to his brother, however, Goten has a great fighting potential. When Goten and Gohan trained together, Gohan was surprised at Goten's ability to transform into a Super Saiyan so easily.

Goten and Trunks later used the Fusion Technique taught to them by Goku and Piccolo to stand against the monster Majin Buu as the world's last great hope.

As he got older, Goten gave up fighting and became much more interested in dating girls...

Already unlocked Edit

Goten (in his Base form) is playable right on the beginning of the game.

In Dragon Adventure and Ultimate Battle Z modes Edit

Base Goten is playable in 7 scenes :

  • Training with Goten
  • Gotenk's confidence
  • Adults VS childrens
  • Father-Son Kamehameha (story battle only)
  • A Hero's Rebirth
  • Hirudegarn, fully resurrected !
  • Goten's Battle

Base Goten is fought in :

  • Trunks VS Goten
  • Ultimate children route (Ultimate Battle Z)