Super Saiyan Goten Budokai Tenkaichi 2

A heavy Rush Blasts user, able to spam them either for keeping ennemy at distance and dealing heavy damages ! But helpless against giants.


Gameplay Edit

SSJ Goten is a heavy Rush Blasts user, either for defense with Blast 2 or for tremendous damages with Ultimate Blast.

Like in his basic form, his high natural Ki charging speed paired with low Ki cost for his Assault ! (Up / C-Right [controller/wiimote], 2 Ki bars) allows him to frequently use it, should the ennemy come close, and use the time allowed by the projection to gather more than 2 Ki bars.

Forget Kamehameha (Neutral / Kameha [controller/wiimote], 3 Ki bars) as it has higher cost, less damages (even fully charged), and is highly predictable (since it is a chargeable attack) and avoidable.

In counterpart, SSJ Goten gains a GREAT Ultimate Blast, Bros Kamehameha, which is a long-range Rush Blast with a nice ejection that permits, even if it consumes the whole Ki gauge, to build up enough Ki to use Assault ! or even to go again in Max Power Mode, as the Mode lasts long enough to recover a Blast Stock ! Paired with Violent Rush, Hyper Smash and base damages (twice Assault ! ones), SSJ Goten's Max Power Mode is fearsome, dealing over 30.000 HP damages ! And all of this, without any Z-Item ! On the other side, the Max Power Mode sadly loses the Ki Blast protection from the Base form.

Simply put : charge up Ki until you reach Max Power Mode. If ennemy tries to come in close combat, use Assault ! to repel him, and keep on charging. Once you are in Max Power Mode, use Violent Rush, then Hyper Smash, then Bros Kamehameha... then charge up Ki again ! Rinse and repeat.

Blasts 1 include Wild Sense (neutral) and False Courage (up), both for 2 Blast Stocks. Only Wild Sense is useful, False Courage is situational ; fully charged Kameha deals less damages than Assault ! (then don't need help to charge it, because you won't use it), and since SSJ Goten is more vulnerable to giants ennemies in this form than in any other, you will probably revert or fuse to face giants ; however, if giant opponent sticks to you, you can eventually use False Courage to properly land a fully charged smash, to put some distance between you to, but for the same cost, you can use Wild Sense, which requires no setup, a real plus when ennemy sticks to you.

Even if SSJ Goten needs a lot of Blast Stocks to fuse into Gotenks, raising Blast 1 level stat should not be a priority for him. His Max Power Mode duration allows him to recover the used Blast Stock, and he got Assault ! to deal with close-rangers. However, a Wild Sense can buy you time to charge up and use Assault !, and since your Blast Stock count will probably be constantly diminished by Max Power Mode, you may want to raise their earning speed. It's up to you.

In addition to Base form's downsides (short reach and low Health), SSJ Goten main weakness is giant ennemies, as his style is based on Rush Blasts. Luckily, you can freely revert to Base form, which is better at dealing with them. If you are in Tag Battle with Kid Trunks, you can also go onto Gotenks, who has no problems against giants.

Z-Items Edit

There are recommended items which work the best with SSJ Goten.

  1. Equipment Slot +3
  2. Health +19 : best resistance (over Defense +19 or Mystery of Sheron).
  3. Ultimate Blast +19 : mandatory : main damages source, make quick work of the ennemy.
  4. Blast 2 +19 : less prevalent than in Base form and/or than Ultimate Blast, but very handy if ennemy constantly harass you at close range.
  5. Master Piece [Crane Hermit] : alternative if you want to use both Blasts 2 and Ultimate Blast, but don't want to spend 2 slots on it.
  6. Blast 1 + 19 : optional : if in Tag Battle to go onto Gotenks and/or to use Wild Sense.

Data Edit


Base Maxed out
Life 30.000 77.500
Overall Attack rating  %  %
Overall Defense rating 100 %  %
Blast Gauge charging time
Max Blast Stock
Ki full charging time
Ki bars at start of the battle 2
Ki bars auto regen max 2
Max Power Mode duration
Hits combos Attack Defense
Base Maxed out Base Maxed out
Rush attack 6 1.700 2.600 1.610 1.000
Smash 1 1.500 2.280 1.400 860
Grab 7 2.120 3.230 2.450 1.500
Ki blasts rush 5 1.400 2.150 1.250 800
Per blast 1 280 430 250 160
Charged ki blast 1 1.200 1.830 1.080 660
Kamehameha - - - 4.800 2.940

Common traits and techniquesEdit

Passives Common melee moves Max Power Mode
Absorb Ki Blasts - Banishing Attack Yes Banishing Attack + +1
Cyborg - Step-In Yes Homing Dragon + +1
Fly Yes Rush In Yes Ki Blast Defense -
Giant Yes Chase Attack Yes Rush Armor -
Lock-On Type Z-type High Speed Motion Yes Super Movement Yes
Range Short Lift Strike / Air Combos Yes Super Dash Yes
Stun Power - Ground Slash Yes Violent Rush Yes
Stun Defense - Dragon Tornado Yes Hyper Smash Yes
Rolling Hammer - Max Power Combo Yes
Sonic Impact Yes Max Power Combo Finish Yes
Massive Throw -
Illusion Slash Yes

Melee specific movesEdit

Type Inputs Move
Finishers 4x A , B (, B , B , A) Flying Kick
3x A , B (, B , B , A) Heavy Finish + Heavy Crush
2x A , B (, B , B , A) Kiai Cannon
A , B ( B) Flying Kick
Counters Rush, Guard Body Strike
Step-In, Guard Sway
Smash cancel (Nothing)
Step-In attacks B Sway Heavy
Up + B Sway Lift Strike
Down + B Step-In Ground Slash + Dragon Tornado
Throw Up + Dash Throws ennemy straight forward.

Ki BlastsEdit

Position Description
Ki Blasts
Neutral Fires up to 7 Ki Blasts with great range, speed and accuracy, and slightly curved trajectory.
Dash Fires 3 regular Ki Blasts at the cost of only one.
Ki Blast
Neutral Quick, big and round fireball. Straight trajectory if next to opponent, up-curved from afar.

Blast techniquesEdit

Blast 1
Blast Cost Quick description
Wild Sense 2 / 5 Permits to automatically evade next attack and possibly counter-attack.
False Courage 2 / 5 Grants temporary super stun resistance.
Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast
Ki Cost (/5) Hits Damages Wiimote move Quick description
Standard Wiimote
Base Maxed Base Maxed
Kamehameha 3 6 3.000 9.000 4.560 13.680 ?




Kame- hameha Chargeable beam (min and max values).
Assault ! 2 1 9.800 14.890 ? ? ? Rush ; short reach, transport to the center of the arena, on the ground, then smash the ennemy forward.
Bros. Kamehameha (Ultimate) 5 25 15.820 22.160 ? ? ? Rush ; long reach, transport to the center of the arena, on the ground, then smash the ennemy forward.


Cost Inputs Bonus
Super Saiyan 1 / 5 (Left +) Transform None
Base form Free Down + Transform None
Gotenks 3 / 5 Charge + (Left +) Transform ?
SSJ Gotenks 4 / 5 Charge + Up + Transform ?
SSJ 3 Gotenks 5 / 5 Charge + Right + Transform ?

Miscellanous Edit

Dragon Library description Edit

This is the boy Goten transformed into a Super Saiyan.

He did not have to train to become a Super Saiyan like his brother did. While practicing karate one day with Chichi, he transformed spontaneously. At the time, Chichi scolded him and told him never to transform again. But while training with Gohan, he could not resist surprising his brother with his Super Saiyan abilities.

Goten's outward appearance changes significantly when he transforms into a Super Saiyan, but his personality remains the same. Even in the heat of battle, he maintains his childish innocence.

In the DBZ movies, Goten jumps into action with Trunks many times while in this form, and he fights Broly twice.

How to Unlock Edit

SSJ Goten is unlocked once A new hero is born is completed.

In Dragon Adventure and Ultimate Battle modes Edit

SSJ Goten is never directly playable or fought. You have to face or play with Goten in his basic form first.