Gotenks Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Gotenks in his basic form is a rather standard fighter, with high stun ability.


Gameplay Edit

First of all, Gotenks gains an invaluable asset over Goten or Kid Trunks : his blows stun giants opponents.

In another hand, his Blast moves aren't so marvelous : they cost 3 Ki bars, 5 for the Ultimate, and Full Power Energy Wave and Big Tree Cannon (his Ultimate) are the same attack (energy beams with one hit and no charge) which only difference is damage and cost. In another hand, High-Speed Rush has long range and smashes ennemy downward, but doesn't teleport at the center of the arena, making it useful for charging Ki right after only if ennemy is flying down long enough.

Remember that beams pierce through energy balls of any kind ; so you can use Full Power Energy Wave (and Big Tree Cannon) to counter most of the Blasts 2, but NOT Ultimate Blasts (even with Big Tree Cannon).

A quick way to defeat the opponent is to mix normal rushes and High-Speed Rush ; sequence is complete rush, Chase-In, 4-hits rush, smash-up, Banishing attack-up and High-Speed Rush. This leads to a 29-hits combo for 18K damages. With Attack level at 20, the combo worth 23.110 Hp damages ; with Blast 2 level at 20, it worth 22.890 Hp. With both, it deals 27.680 Hp. By sending ennemy flying upward, the High-Speed Rush will send the opponent flying for a longer time, allowing you to build up Ki.

This combo is also worthy at the end of a Violent Rush, in Max Power Mode. Note that in this mode, Gotenks gains also access to Super Dash and Super Movement. Big Tree Cannon is a bit hazardous to use, since it can be easily dodged.

Against giants, you can use Violent Rush, then neutral Hyper Smash, then either charge to go again into Max Power Mode if ennemy is flying down, or Full Power Energy Wave if ennemy recovered.

For Blasts 1, which both cost 2 Blast Stocks, Gotenks can use Afterimage (Neutral) and False Courage (Up).

Z-Items Edit

Here are recommanded items for Gotenks.

  1. Equipement Slots +3
  2. Health +19
  3. Attack +19 : it does higher damages than Blast 2 +19 in the "rush + High Speed Rush" combo, and since giants are both immune to High Speed Rush and sensitive to Gotenks normal attacks, this item is the best offensive option.

Data Edit


Base Maxed out
Life 40.000
Overall Attack rating  %  %
Overall Defense rating 100 %  %
Blast Gauge charging time
Max Blast Stock 3
Ki full charging time
Ki bars at start of the battle 2
Ki bars auto regen max 2
Max Power Mode duration
Hits combos Attack Defense
Base Maxed out Base Maxed out
Rush attack 5 2.070 3.150 1.610 1.000
Smash 1 1.800 2.740 1.400 860
Grab 12 2.840 4.310 2.450 1.500
Ki blasts rush 7 2.520 3.850 1.250 800
Per blast 1 360 550 250 160
Charged ki blast 1 1.300 1.980 1.080 660
Kamehameha - - - 4.800 2.940

Common traits and techniquesEdit

Passives Common melee moves Max Power Mode
Absorb Ki Blasts - Banishing Attack Yes Banishing Attack + +1
Cyborg - Step-In Yes Homing Dragon + +1
Fly Yes Rush In Yes Ki Blast Defense -
Giant - Chase Attack Yes Rush Armor -
Lock-On Type Z-type High Speed Motion Yes Super Movement Yes
Range Short Lift Strike / Air Combos Yes Super Dash Yes
Stun Power - Ground Slash Yes Violent Rush Yes
Stun Defense - Dragon Tornado Yes Hyper Smash Yes
Rolling Hammer - Max Power Combo Yes
Sonic Impact Yes Max Power Combo Finish Yes
Massive Throw -
Illusion Slash Yes

Melee specific movesEdit

Type Inputs Move
Finishers 4x A , B (, B , B , A) Heavy Finish + Heavy Crush
3x A , B (, B , B , A) Kiai Cannon + Smash
2x A , B (, B , B , A) Flying Kick
A , B ( B) Flying Kick
Counters Rush, Guard After Image Strike
Step-In, Guard Step-In Strike
Smash cancel Feint Sway
Step-In attacks B Sway Flying Kick
Up + B Step-In Lift Strike
Down + B Step-In Ground Slash + Dragon Tornado
Throw Up + Dash Throws ennemy straight forward.

Ki BlastsEdit

Position Description
Ki Blasts
Neutral Fires up to 7 Ki Blasts with great range, speed and accuracy, and slightly curved trajectory.
Dash Fires 4 regular Ki Blasts at the cost of only one.
Jump Fires 6 regular Ki Blasts at reduced cost, but without any homing ability and with short range.
Ki Blast
Neutral Bigger Ki Blast with straight trajectory.

Blast techniquesEdit

Blast 1
Blast Cost Quick description
Afterimage 2 / 3 Permits to automatically evade next attack.
False Courage 2 / 3 Grants temporary super stun resistance.
Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast
Ki Cost (/5) Hits Damages Wiimote move Quick description
Standard Wiimote
Base Maxed Base Maxed
Full Power Energy Wave 3 1 10.000 15.190 ?




Energy beam.
High Speed Rush 3 18 19 9.140 9.630 13.710 14.200 ? ? ? Rush ; long reach, then smash the ennemy downward.
Big Tree Cannon (Ultimate) 5 1 14.000 21.270 ? ? ? Energy beam.


Cost Inputs Bonus
SSJ Gotenks 1 / 3 (Left +) Transform ?
SSJ 3 Gotenks 2 / 3 Up + Transform ?

Miscellanous Edit

Dragon Library description Edit

Gotenks is the super fighter created by the fusion between Goten and Trunks.

Thanks to Goku and Piccolo's exhaustive teaching, Goten and Trunks were able to learn the Fusion Technique in a short period of time, and after many abortive attempts, Gotenks was finally born.

In Gotenks, only the worst traits from Goten and Trunks' personalities seemed to appear. He is selfish, rude, and extremely overconfident, and he causes Piccolo endless headaches with his antics. Even so, the incredible powers Gotenks displays more than make up for his sour attitude.

At his first appearance, Gotenks immediatly raced off to chanllenge Majin Buu. For his foolhardy efforts, he was rewarded with a sound beating.

Afterwards, he trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Piccolo, powering up even more in preparation for his rematch against Buu.

Voice Actors Edit

Masako Nozawa and Takeshi Kusao

How to Unlock Edit

Gotenks (along with SSJ Gotenks) is unlocked once Two Majin Buus is completed.

In Dragon Adventure and Ultimate Battle modes Edit

Gotenks is never directly playable or fought in his basic form.

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