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Strategy Edit

Kibitoshin is a just a slighty modified version of Supreme Kai, gaining and losing one or two cool moves, but remains a Rush Blast Move chainer/spammer. Concretly, you'll use Crazy Rush all day...

Best moves Edit

Crazy Rush Edit

A boring yet excellent Rush Blast Move ! Long reach, teleport and repel ennemy so far away that Supreme Kai got enough time to recover at least 3 Ki Bars after use !

You can sort of loop this attack ; after use, immediatly charge Ki, and when ennemy lands, use Crazy Rush again. With some luck, ennemy will rise right when you touch him, and attack will connect.

Rear Chain Heavy ComboEdit

Crazy Rush, thanks to its particularities, is insane on a non-cyborg character. But if player prefer to use melee, here's Kibitoshin's best (and cheap) melee move. When on ennemy's back (mainly due to Instant Transmission), use 5xA and Rush-In, then loop 4xA + charged B.

Useful moves Edit

Full Power Energy Wave Edit

This is a very classical beam attack, retaining the typical beam attack advantages (ie piercing through fireball-type Blasts 2, stopping Rush Blast Moves...) but also disadvantages (ie predictability and easy dodging).

It is Kibitoshin's only damaging and "disturbing" (as it knocks off ennemies) weapon against Giants ; otherwise, Crazy Rush is better on every aspect.

Instant Transmission Edit

Wonderful for both Chain Heavy Combo and against on melee specialists, what Kibitoshin is not, but it proves VERY useful against Giants : either they are charging you or firing at you, use Instant Transmission and counter-attack !

Situational moves Edit

Psychokinesis Edit

Like Supreme Kai, this Blast 1 is nearly useless on Kibitoshin since his main attack is Crazy Rush, and Instant Transmission already serve as approaching support move, with a Lock-On Cancel bonus.

Paralyzing Ki Blast Edit

This could have been a good move if the charge time (as it needs to be fully charged to have a real impact) and the speed have been better...

Max Power Mode / Ultimate Blast Edit

Max Power Mode gives good advantages like Ki Blasts auto-deflection, traditional Hyper Smash against giants and Super Movement... but that suits best melee fighters. And since Gekiretsu Shin'ou'hou is just a second standard beam attack, you probably never use it.

Disorienting Kiai Cannon Edit

Good on previous form, here Kiai Cannon perform on rush attacks beginning,

Weak spots Edit

Slowness Edit

Supreme Kai is slow both on melee, on flying and on Ki Blasts speed. This is also why he relies primarily on Crazy Rush.

Giant opponents Edit

Kibitoshin can only use Full Power Energy Wave (and, unlikely, Shin Gekiretsu Shin'ou'hou) against Giants. Try to get you and ennemy as high as possible, to gain the more time you can to charge Ki right after Full Power Energy Wave, as you need 3 Ki Bars to use it again.

Instant Transmission helps either to teleport on ennemy's back and get a blank point Full Power Energy Wave and to cancel a dashing ennemy's Lock-On, granting both safety and time to charge Ki.

Z-Items Edit

There are items which work the best with Kibitoshin :

  1. Equipment Slot +3
  2. Health +19 : Best resistance item (Defense +19 is second and Mystery of Sheron is last, on Kibitoshin and probably on all characters).
  3. Blast 2 +19 : Kibitoshin best (and nearly only good) weapon is Crazy Rush. Additionnally, Full Power Energy Wave is his only anti-Giant skill.

Kibitoshin's anti-Giants items are :

  1. Ki +19 : Has two uses : fuel Crazy Rush and Full Power Energy Wave quicker. Albeit it is useless for Crazy Rush, as this move gives so many time after use, it is helpful for anti-Giants Full Power Energy Wave.
  2. Blast 1 +19 : Grants Instant Transmission more quickly.

Possible items include :

  1. Master's Secret Plan : The "Lock-On slow" benefits either to Supreme Kai's disorienting Kiai Cannon, while the "Raging Hurricane" component can help (but only once) if you use Crazy Rush too soon.

Movelist Edit

Melee Edit

Rush attacks
Hits combo Input Finisher Damages Ki
Right punch 1 A Kiai Cannon 150 + 900
Left Punch 2 2xA Kiai Cannon 300 + 1.800
Right kick 3 3xA Heavy Finish 500 + 2.700
Smash kick 4 4xA Heavy Finish 700 + 3.600
Palms thrust 5 5xA - 1.100 + 4.500
Rush-In (5) 5xA, X/N Sway Kiai Cannon 0 .
Circular kick 6 5xA, X/N, A Kiai Cannon 1.300 + 5.400
Kick return 7 5xA, X/N, 2xA Kiai Cannon 1.500 + 6.300
Kick re-return 8 5xA, X/N, 3xA Heavy Finish 1.780 + 7.200
Kick re-re-return 9 5xA, X/N, 4xA Heavy Finish 2.060 + 8.100
Final punch 10 5xA, X/N, 5xA - 2.980 + 9.000
Chase Attack (11) 5xA, X/N, 5xA, Up + Guard - 0 - 16.384
Other Melee Techniques
Hits combo Input Follow-up Damages Ki
Grab 3 Up, X/N (Throw forward) 2.010 .
Smash 1 B (hold) Dragon Homing / Punishing Attack 550 - 1.380 + 1.800 - 5.400
Vanishing Attack 1 Smash / Homing Dragon, B Dragon Homing + 1.840 + 3.600
Homing Dragon 1 Smash / Vanishing Attack, X/N, A (hold) Punishing Attack + 1.660 - 1.170 - 8.800
Illusion Slash 1 Jump, B when landing Dragon Tornado 460 - 1.100 + 1.800 - 3.600
Dash Smash Hit 1 Dash, A (charge) Sonic Impact (X/N, A, B, A) 280 - 740 + 1.800 - 3.600
Sonic Impact 4 (+3) Dash Smash Hit, B, A (include ground hit) = 3.010 - 3.470


= 7.200

- 9.000 (+5.400)

Hits combo Input Additional Effect Damages Ki
Counter Throw 3 Rush, Guard (hold) Throw away 2.010 - 9.000
Step-in Strike After Image 0 X/N, Guard (hold) Teleports away 0 - 9.000
Hits combo Input Step-In variant ? Additional Damages Ki
Disorienting Kiai Cannon +1 1/2xA, B (h) Sway version 550 - 1.100 + 1.800 - 3.600
Heavy Finish +1 3/4xA, B (h) - 460 - 1.470
Ground Slash +1 Rush, Down + B (h) Normal 460 - 1.100
Lift Strike +1 Rush/X/N, Up + B (h) Normal
Finishers (include Ground Hits)
Hits combo Init Input Additional Damages Ki
Kiai Cannon Smash +3 (+1) (Step-In) Kiai Cannon B = 1.270 - 1.870 (+720 - 770) = 4.500 - 5.400 (+2.700 - 1.800)
Dragon Tornado +5 (+4) (Step-In) Ground Slash B, B, A = 3.560 - 4.150 (+3.130) = 9.350 - 11.050 (+7.650)
Full Air Combo  ? Lift Strike + X/N + B, 4xA, B - = 5.690 - 6.290 (+5.260) = 8.500 - 10.200 (+6.800)

Ki Blasts Edit

Ki Blasts
Input Additional info Damages Ki
Simple Ki Blast(s) 1-5xB Fire up to 3 Ki Blasts. 180 - 540 - 1.400 - 4.200
Paralyzing Fireball B (hold) Purple, electric, big and slow fireball with straight trajectory which briefly incapacitate the ennemy. 450 - 1.000 - 3.000 - 6.000
Dash Ki Blasts Dash, B Shoots 2 Ki Blasts at cost of only one. 180 - 360 - 1.400
Dash Fireball Dash, B (hold) Same as still variant, but without electricity and paralysing effect. 400 - 1.000 - 2.000 - 2.500
Jump Ki Blasts Jump, B Shoots 3 Ki Blasts at cost of only one. 180 - 540 - 1.400
Jump Fireball Jump, B (hold) Same as dash variant, but with a different aspect. 400 - 1.000 - 2.000 - 2.500

MAX Power Mode Edit

MAX Power Mode
Input Additional Info Damages
Banishing Attack +1 Smash/Dragon Homing, B Additional Banishing Attack  ?
Homing Dragon +1 Smash/Banishing Attack, X/N and (hold) A Additional Homing Dragon 1.530
Hyper Smash Charge + (direction +) B (hold) Bypass guard ; basic move 2.980
Ki Blast Immunity (Passive) Ennemy's Ki blasts bounce on you, without any harm. 0
Super Dash Dash + A (hold or not) Replace Dash Smash Hit, forbids the Sonic Impact combo. 680
Super Movement Direction + Guard Teleport in short distance where you put the stick 0
Dragon Heavy Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold) Punch allowing to perform Dragon Heavy Combo 920
Dragon Heavy Combo Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... Violently pummel the ennemy, quickly drain the Max Power Gauge + 460
Dragon Heavy Exit Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... B Kick away the ennemy, allow to use Dragon Heavy Finish + 1.380
Dragon Heavy Finish Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... B L2+B (charge) Fire a chargeable and weaker Energy's Last + ? - 6.780

Missing Techniques Edit

Missing Techniques
Standard In Max Power Mode Other
  • Charge Counter
  • Heavy Crush
  • Massive Throw
  • Normal Dash Smash
  • Rolling Hammer
  • Violent Rush
  • Fusion
  • Revert
  • Stun power
  • Transformation

Blast techniques Edit

Blast 1
Blast Cost Quick description
Instant Transmission 1 / 3 Teleports on ennemy's back, causing him to briefly lose his Lock-On.
Psychokinesis 1 / 3 Unblockable short reach attack which briefly incapacitates ennemy.
Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast
Ki Cost (/5) Hits Damages Wiimote move Quick description
Standard Wiimote
Full Power Energy Wave 3 1 9.000 ? ? Standard 1-hit Beam
Crazy Rush 2 11 9.020 ? Shake Rush ; long reach, teleport to the center of the arena, airborne, then throw ennemy far forward.
Shin Gekiretsu Shin'hou'hou (Ultimate) 5 6 13.620 ? ? Standard multi-hits larger Beam

No transformation Edit

Kibitoshin can't either transform, revert or fuse.

Miscellaneous Edit

Dragon Library description Edit

This is the result of the fusion between the Eastern Supreme Kai and his servant Kibito.

While explaining the use of the Potara earrings, the Supreme Kai accidentally got stuck in this fused state.

Having combined with Kibito, his fighting strength has been significantly increased, and he has gained the ability to use Instant Transmission. Even so, he is still not too terribly reliable in the heat of battle.

After Majin Buu is destroyed, he and the Elder Kai pass the time by relaxing on the World of the Kais.

Voice actor Edit

Japanese : Yuji Mitsuya

English : Kent Williams

Outfits Edit

  1. Classical.
  2. Green palette swap.


In Dragon Adventure and Ultimate Battle Z modes Edit

Kibitoshin is playable in :

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In manga and/or anime, Kibitoshin use these moves :