Gohan in his Saiyan and Frieza eras. A fearsome spammer, and probably the best "early" character !

Strategy Edit

Basically, all you need is to spam Gekiretsu Madan ! Other moves are only here to fill the charts...

Best moves Edit

Gekiretsu Madan Edit

Godlike move ! An instant accurate 8-shots barrage which deals up to 8.000 HP damages, for only 2 Ki Bars. Easily spammable, due to combination of low cost, standard natural Ki stat and Base Ki at 3 Ki Bars. You barely just have to hold the charge button permanently, and perform the move when ennemy is getting up !

If ennemy is sticking close, don't be afraid to use backward High Speed Movement to teleport on safer place to use the Blast Move, as Gohan's Base Ki is at 3 Ki Bars.

This is also Gohan's only weapon against giant characters.

Useful moves Edit

Violent Rush Edit

Use it either :

  • after Super Unyielding Spirit : until Max Power Mode wears off, then throw a Ki Blast and charge again, to negate Super Unyielding Spirit's Ki penalty.
  • before an Hyper Smash and Bakuretsu Ranma.

Bakuretsu Ranma Edit

Ultimate Blast is a long-ranged Rush Blast which ends with Gohan on the middle of the arena, mid-air, and ennemy repelled far forward him. This allow to charge up Ki afterwards, in addition to leaving a Ki Bar after use.

It is in its own a very good move, but Gekiretsu Madan is slighty better due to its spam potential and effectiveness against giants.

Super Unyielding Spirit Edit

Allows you to spam Gekiretsu Madan and yet be able to enter in Max Power Mode without charging Ki to maximum. Altough Gekiretsu Madan is a bit better than Violent Rush + Bakuretsu Ranma, it brings a change of pace, and a possibility of finishing ennemy in style.

Situational moves Edit

Masenko Edit

As chargeable beam, it can be useful against chargeable fireballs. Other than that, always prefer Gekiretsu Madan.

Weak spots Edit

Hidden Energy Edit

Arguably the worst Blast 1. Never use it, it is a pure Ki and Blast Stock loss : a trap !

Low Health and Defense Edit

Sadly, Gohan is one of the most fragile character. But he can keep ennemy at bay with Gekiretsu Madan. And needless to say, itemization makes up.

Against giant opponents Edit

No mystery here. Spam Gekiretsu Madan.

Z-Items Edit

There are items which work the best with Kid Gohan :

  1. Equipment Slot +3
  2. Health +19 : Best resistance item (Defense +19 is second and Mystery of Sheron is last, on Kid Gohan and probably on all characters).
  3. Blast 2 +19 : Gekiretsu Madan is a god-like attack, probably one of the bests of the game.

There is no really other item Kid Gohan needs, so put whatever you feel.

  1. Fighting Spirit Elevation : Start the spam fest, either with or without a backward High Speed Movement, right for the beginning !
  2. Hi-Tension : Theorically, useful while guarding against a close combat lover, as it increase already good Ki auto-regenerating rate. Actually, the time gain is not substantial at all.
  3. Advanced Senses : In very situational case of hard bullying. If ennemy heavily use disorienting moves hiding, both to avoid Gohan's Blast 2 and to prepare a massive attack, Gohan will be able to lock-on him even through walls... and destroy them with Gekiretsu Madan !

Defensive items : Health +19 is enough to make Gohan resistant, due to his crazy Gekiretsu Madan which keep ennemy away. However, as he has only 3 items to equip to be a monster, one can want to equip a full defensive set to turn the monster into a god.

  1. Defense +19
  2. Master's Protection : For perfect guard and lowering dizziness time.
  3. Micro Band : For leaving Afterimages when dizzied, and to prevent a fatal wound.

On a specifical note : don't equip Desperation. At first, it looks a perfect item for Kid Gohan, as he can rely and spam a single Blast Move with no effort. But since Base Ki is 3 bars, you'll be dizzied quite a long time after use, even with a "dizziness recovery" item like Master's Protection.

Movelist Edit

Melee Edit

Rush attacks and combos
Hits combo Input Finisher Damages Ki
Right punch 1 A Heavy Finish 210 + 650
Left punch 2 2xA Kiai Cannon 420 + 1.300
2nd right punch 3 3xA Flying Kick 630 + 1.950
2nd left punch 4 4xA Heavy Finish 980 + 2.600
Hammer hit 5 5xA - 1.610 + 3.250
Rush-In (5) 5xA, X/N Sway Heavy 0 .
Right kick 6 5xA, X/N, A Heavy Finish 1.820 + 3.900
Quick 2nd kick 7 5xA, X/N, 2xA Kiai Cannon 2.030 + 4.550
Circular double kick 9 5xA, X/N, 3xA Flying Kick 2.250 + 5.200
Left direct 10 5xA, X/N, 4xA Heavy Finish 2.600 + 5.850
Final kick 11 5xA, X/N, 5xA - 3.650 + 6.500
Chase Attack (11) 5xA, X/N, 5xA, Up + Guard - 0 - 16.384
Other Melee Techniques
Hits combo Input Follow-up Damages Ki
Grab 1 Up, X/N (Throw forward) 2.450 .
Smash 1 B (hold) Dragon Homing / Punishing Attack 670 - 1.400 + 1.300 - 3.900
Vanishing Attack 1 Smash / Homing Dragon, B Dragon Homing + 2.100 + 2.600
Homing Dragon 1 Smash / Vanishing Attack, X/N, A (hold) Punishing Attack + 860 - 1.720 ?
Illusion Slash 1 Dragon Tornado 630 - 1.260 + 1.300 - 2.600
Dash Smash Hit 1 Dash, A (charge) Sonic Impact (X/N, A, B, A) 350 - 980 + 1.300 - 2.600
Sonic Impact 4 (+3) Dash Smash Hit, B, A (include ground hit) = 2.490 - 3.120 = 5.200 - 6.500 (+3.900)
Giant Throw 0 Up + B near lying ennemy - 0 .
Hits combo Input Additional Effect Damages Ki
Body Strike 1 Rush, Guard (hold) - 1.340 - 9.000
Step-in Strike Throw 1 X/N, Guard (hold) . 2.450 - 9.000
Afterimage ? 0 Charge B, other input (Teleport) 0 - 9.000
Finishers and follow-ups
Hits combo Input Step-In variant ? Additional Damages Ki
Flying Kick +3 3xA, B 570 + 600
Heavy Finish +1 1/4xA, B (hold) Sway 560 - 1.470 + 1.300 - 2.600
Heavy Crush +4 (+3) Heavy Finish, 2xB, A - = 1.890 - 2.800 (+1.330) = 7.150 - 8.450 (+5.850)
Kiai Cannon +1 3xA, B - 780 - 1.340 1.300 - 2.600
Kiai Cannon Smash +3 (+2) 2xA, B, B - = 2.620 - 2.950 (+1.420) = 2.600 - 3.900 (+1.300)
Ground Slash +1 Rush, Down + B (hold) Normal 630 - 1.260 + 1.300 - 2.600
Dragon Tornado +5 (+4) Ground Slash, 2xB, A (include ground hit) = 4.750 - 5.380 (+4.120) = 7.150 - 8.450 (+5.850)
Lift Strike +1 Rush/X/N, Up + B (hold) Normal 670 - 1.340 + 1.300 - 2.600
Full Air Combo +9 (+8) Lift Strike + X/N + B, 4xA, B (include a double hit and ground hit) = 7.320 - 7.990 (+6.650) = 6.500 - 7.800 (+5.200)

Ki Blasts Edit

Ki Blasts
Input Additional info Damages Ki
Simple Ki Blast(s) 1-5xB Fire up to 5 Ki Blasts. 250 - 2.240 - 1.800 - 9.000
Fireball B (hold) Yellow fireball with straight trajectory, middle range. 450 - 1.080 - 3.000 - 3.500
Dash Ki Blasts Dash, B Shoots 3 Ki Blasts at cost of only one. 250 - 750 - 2.500
Dash Fireball Dash, B (hold) Same as still variant. 450 - 1.080 - 3.000 - 3.500
Jump Ki Blasts Jump, B Same as Dash variant. 320 - 1.280 - 2.500
Kienzan Jump, B (hold) Unblockable destructo disc. 450 - 980 - 5.500 - 5.700

MAX Power Mode Edit

MAX Power Mode
Input Additional Info Damages
Banishing Attack +1 Smash/Dragon Homing, B Additional Banishing Attack 2.100
Homing Dragon +1 Smash/Banishing Attack, X/N and (hold) A Additional Homing Dragon 1.720
Hyper Smash Charge + (direction +) B (hold) Bypass guard ; basic move 2.450
Violent Rush AAAAA... Infinite Rush combo .
Dragon Heavy Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold) Punch allowing to perform Dragon Heavy Combo 700
Dragon Heavy Combo Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... Violently pummel the ennemy, quickly drain the Max Power Gauge 300 - 350
Dragon Heavy Exit Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... B Kick away the ennemy, allow to use Dragon Heavy Finish + 1.400
Dragon Heavy Finish Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... B L2+B (charge) Fire a chargeable and weaker Evil Impulse + 2.880 - 5.220

En fait le MPM n'améliore pas le CàC, baisse même les dégats unitaires des rushs (violent rush). A part Hyper Smash

Attention pour Vanish et Homing : valeurs toujours si ennemi frappé de face.

Dragon Heavy Combo : les premiers coups usent plus que les derniers

Missing Techniques Edit

Missing Techniques
Standard In Max Power Mode Forms
  • Rolling Hammer
  • Super Dash
  • Super Movement
  • Any Brickwall effect

Blast techniques Edit

Blast 1
Blast Cost Quick description
Give me energy ! 2 / 7 Forms the Spirit Bomb, allowing to use the Ultimate Blast. Can be used 3 times (without time limit) before Ultimate Blast to enstrengthen it.
Kaio-ken 3 / 7 Enters in a special, unique and unrevertible mode, granting Attack, Defense, Blast and Armor bonuses, along with full Ki gauge and double damages from Kaioken Attack. This mode drains Ki, disable Ki charging, and ends when Ki is fully consumed.
Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast
Ki Cost (/5) Hits Damages Wiimote move Quick description
Standard Wiimote
Masenko 2 1 3.000


? ? Chargeable beam
Gekiretsu Madan 2 10 800


? ? Shot 10 fireballs in a quick stream.
Bakuretsu Ranma (Ultimate) 4 22 11.180 ? Shake Rush ; long reach, teleport to the center of the arena, airborne, then throw ennemy far forward.

Miscellaneous Edit

Dragon Library description Edit

This is Goku's young son, Gohan. He is a gentle child, with dreams of one day becoming a scholar.

Chichi has forbidden Gohan from receiving martial arts training so that he might concentrate on his schoolwork. This, Gohan's power level is very low. Even so, he possesses a great fighting potential that, once awakened, rivals the power of the Saiyan Raditz himself.

After the fight with Raditz, Piccolo kidnaps Gohan and trains him to be a warrior, in hopes that he might help in the coming battle against the Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa.

Though Gohan is afraid of Piccolo at first, over time, he comes to respect Piccolo as his friend and mentor.

In the Frieza Saga, Gohan travels to Planet Namek, hoping to wish back all of his friends who lost their lives in the battle with Vegeta. When he learns of Frieza's evil plans, he becomes more determined than ever to find the Dragon Balls.

Gohan is a mild-mannered boy and dislikes fighting, but if it's to protect his friends or preserve the peace, his powers explode and he becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Voice actor Edit

Japanese voice actor : Masako Nozawa

Outfits Edit

  1. Piccolo's uniform and bowl haircut, as seen in first half of Namek saga.
  2. Saiyan armor, as seen in second half of Namek saga.
  3. Piccolo's uniform and long hair with white band, as seen in Saiyan saga.


In Dragon Adventure and Ultimate Battle Z modes Edit

Kid Gohan is playable in :

Kid Gohan is fought in :

Trivia Edit

Kid Gohan is arguably the best early era character, and one of the best characters in the game, due to Gekiretsu Madan and his ability to spam it. Then, Kid Gohan is likely the best choice to quickly and easily win fights where he's available in Story Mode.

In manga and/or anime, Kid Gohan use these moves :

  • Bakuretsu Ranma against Frieza 2nd form
  • Gekiretsu Madan seems to be only the second half of Bakuretsu Ranma
  • Masenko against Frieza 3rd form
  • Hidden Energy on Namek, while spying on Frieza, Zarbon and Dodoria from a cliff
  • Super Unyielding Spirit against Raditz

Gekiretsu Madan may not be confused with Gekiretsu Kodan, which is Piccolo's Light Grenade.

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