Goku's oldest friend. Lacks melee power, but he makes up with special deadly techniques.

Strategy Edit

Best Moves Edit

Max Power Mode : Ki Blasts invulnerabilty + Violent Rush + Destructo DiscEdit

Destructo Disc has good damages (6x2.000=12.000) at short to medium range, and is unblockable. Even if ennemy evades the first disc, or even several discs, thanks to Afterimages, they'll still take at least one disc, so always take some damages. The only downside of this technique is that if the more far ennemy is, the safer he's. After some distance, discs simply disappears.

So the best to do is, after having dashed onto ennemy unbothered by auto-deflected Ki Blasts, to use Violent Rush, then backward High Speed Movement, then Destructo Disc.

Expanding Energy BlastEdit

This sends fireballs in the air, then they home at the ennemy. Best part is when fired in the air, the fireballs don't destruct the landscape, meaning you stay hidden ! Downside is the fireballs are easy to dodge if ennemy is moving, resulting in either low or no damages.

So you have two ways to use this move :

  • Stay hidden, and either hope to score a potshot or gradually hurt your ennemy. You have nothing to lose this way, you just need 3 Ki Bars to use it and you stay hidden.
  • Use it like many other Blast Moves : have a clear sight on the ennemy (who also, most of the time, has you locked-on), throw all your five Ki Blasts, and when the first one connects to the ennemy, launch Expanding Energy Blast.

Note that either the number of fireballs which will hit the ennemy, and the damage per fireball, often varies, even under the very same conditions (this can be seen with emulator and a savestate). You can completely miss your opponent, you can damage him a mere 5.000 HP, or you can explode him away over 20.000 HP. This attack can actually do the double of Ultimate Blast's damages !

Useful moves Edit

After Image Strike Edit

Consume all 3 Blast Stocks, so prevent to use Max Power Mode for a while. But grants 3 auto-dodges, allowing in close combat to be teleported on ennemy's back, for increased damages and/or easy push-away, to further gather Ki.

Chain Heavy Combo Edit

On some ennemies, Krillin can use this combo. Inputs are as follows :

  • Rush 5, Rush-In, then loop : Rush 4, charged Heavy Finish.
  • 5xA, X/N, then loop : 4xA, charge B.

After Image Strike is particulary useful to get on ennemy's back, since Krillin lacks Rolling Hammer.

Despite Krillin's low natural Attack ratings, this technique can dish out lot of damages in few time.

Kamehameha Edit

As chargeable multi-hit beam, it is useful against ennemy's charged attacks or dashes (against what Expanding Energy Blast is useless). Hopefully, it cost only 2 Ki Bars with Krillin.

Kienzan BlastsEdit

Charged Ki Blasts will also result in a Destructo Disc (or Kienzan), in a one-shot and much weaker version. Damages are very low, but the point is it is unblockable and unrepelable.

Such move can be a good prequel to melee combo if used in a dash, but Krillin is rather weak at melee ; making a useful move rather situational. But against giants, this happens to be a good weapon to maintain distances, making a situational move useful again.

Remember, you have two variants :

  • Partially charged, Kienzan as lower impact but better trajectory.
  • Fully charged, it always knock down ennemy, but has a curvy trajectory.

Situational moves Edit

Disorienting Body Strike Edit

The "rush counter-attack" cancels ennemy's lock-on, adding to its usefulness. However, don't count on it to hide on a corner right after.

Con is this rush counter potential is somewhat hard to exploit with non-brickwall characters.

Solar Flare Edit

Coupled with homing capacity of Expanding Energy Blast, Solar Flare could be useful : it cancel ennemy's lock-on, briefly blinds human player, and makes CPU to run away. However, ennemy can simply pummel blindly to rush Krillin just enough to recover his view and his lock-on. And ennemy has just to dash to avoid Expanding Energy Blast. This later move is best used with use of Ki Blasts, so you'll need to unhide. This doesn't means ennemy will automatically lock-on you, but this is the higher probability.

However, you can eventually use it, right after a charged Ground Slash, to hide and quietly build up After Image Strike (this will take time however, and so can be boring) and Max Power Mode, before leaving.

Weak spots Edit

No Rush-In Counter Edit

Krillin has only an useless Sway for Rush-In counter, meaning he can't counter this way.

Against giant opponents Edit

Forget Chain Heavy Combo, Krillin has to rely on his Blast Moves against giants. Expanding Energy Blast preceeded by Ki Blasts if ennemy is far away, or Destructo Disc, without Violent Rush (nor Hyper Smash, due to lower range and speed of Destructo Disc over a smashed ennemy), if ennemy is close ranged.

Kienzan Ki Blasts are a good weapon to stop an invading giant ennemy in his dash (as the ennemy's big size won't allow him to slip under the Kienzan's curvy trajectory), or making any ennemy fall from maximum height to floor, buying you time to build up.

After Image Strike is particulary useful against giants. You can evade a punch and land a smash, then a Kienzan Ki Blast, in order to gain time.

Z-Items Edit

There are items which work the best with Krillin :

  1. Equipment Slot +3
  2. Health +19 : Best resistance item (Defense +19 is second and Mystery of Sheron is last, on Krillin and probably on all characters).

Offensive items : depends on your fighting preferences, all attack options are good on Krillin :

  1. Ultimate Blast +19 : Destructo Disc is almost a guaranteed hit, plain and simple to use, preceeded by Violent Rush to do extra damages.
  2. Blast 2 +19 : Expanding Energy Blast has random damages, but they can surpass ones from Destructo Disc. Mastered, it is as guaranteed hit as Destructo Disc.

Situational items : can be useful on Krillin :

  1. Attack +19 : Krillin is able to use Chain Heavy Combo, yet not as well as other characters.
  2. Blast 1 +19 : After Image Strike costs whole Blast Stocks gauge, so you won't use it frequently on a same battle. Solar Flare is just situationally useful, and Max Power Mode is great with Krillin, but you can also rely on other moves than Max Power Mode or Ultimate Blast. All in all, Blast 1 usefullness depends on how you play Krillin. If you plan to mainly use Destructo Disc, it should be equipped.
  3. Ki Control : Krillin has likely great use from normal (to initiate Expanding Energy Blast) and charged (unblockable) Ki Blasts.
  4. Master's Secret Plan : Useful if you plan to hide, in order to use Max Power Mode, After Image Strike and/or Max Power Mode.

Movelist Edit

Melee Edit

Rush attacks and combos
Hits combo Input Finisher Damages Ki
Right punch 1 A Flying Kick 100 + 600
Left uppercut 2 2xA Flying Kick 200 + 1.200
Right kick 3 3xA Kiai Cannon 370 + 1.800
Left punch 4 4xA Heavy Finish 620 + 2.400
Left kick 5 5xA - 1.040 + 3.000
Rush-In (5) 5xA, X/N Sway Flying Kick 0 .
2nd Right punch 6 5xA, X/N, A Flying Kick 1.210 + 3.600
2nd Left Kick 7 5xA, X/N, 2xA Flying Kick 1.380 + 4.200
Right bash 9 5xA, X/N, 3xA Kiai Cannon 1.630 + 4.800
2nd Right kick 10 5xA, X/N, 4xA Heavy Finish 1.970 + 5.400
Double bash 11 5xA, X/N, 5xA - 2.730 + 6.000
Chase Attack (11) 5xA, X/N, 5xA, Up + Guard - 0 - 16.384
Other Melee Techniques
Hits combo Input Follow-up Damages Ki
Grab 6 Up, X/N (Throw forward) 1.700 .
Smash 1 B (hold) Dragon Homing / Punishing Attack 500 - 1.260 + 1.200 - 3.600
Vanishing Attack 1 Smash / Homing Dragon, B Dragon Homing + 1.680 + 2.400
Homing Dragon 1 Smash / Vanishing Attack, X/N, A (hold) Punishing Attack + 1.510 ?
Illusion Slash 1 Dragon Tornado 420 - 1.010 + 1.200 - 2.400
Dash Smash Hit 1 Dash, A (charge) Sonic Impact (X/N, A, B, A) 250 - 670 + 1.200 - 2.400
Sonic Impact 4 (+3) Dash Smash Hit, B, A (include ground hit) = 2.770 - 3.190 (+2.520) = 4.800 - 6.000 (+3.600)
Hits combo Input Additional Effect Damages Ki
Body Strike 1 Rush, Guard (hold) Disorient 4.20 - 9.000
Sway 1 X/N, Guard . 0 .
Finishers and follow-ups
Hits combo Input Step-In variant ? Additional Damages Ki
Flying Kick +3 1/2xA, B Sway 420 + 600
Heavy Finish +1 1/4xA, B (hold) - 420 - 1.010 + 1.200 - 2.400
Heavy Crush +4 (+3) Heavy Finish, 2xB, A - = 2.010 - 1.980 (+1.590) = 6.600 - 7.800 (+5.400)
Kiai Cannon +1 3xA, B - 500 - 1.010 1.200 - 2.400
Ground Slash +1 Rush, Down + B (hold) Normal 420 - 1.010 + 1.200 - 2.400
Dragon Tornado +5 (+4) Ground Slash, 2xB, A (include ground hit) = 3.620 -4.210 (+3.200) = 6.600 - 7.800 (+5.400)
Lift Strike +1 Rush/X/N, Up + B (hold) Normal 420 - 1.010 + 1.200 - 2.400
Full Air Combo +8 (+7) Lift Strike + X/N + B, 4xA, B (include ground hit) = 5.610 - 6.200 (+5.190) = 6.000 - 7.200 (+4.800)

Ki Blasts Edit

Ki Blasts
Input Additional info Damages Ki
Simple Ki Blast(s) 1-5xB Fire up to 5 Ki Blasts. 160 - 800 - 1.500 - 7.500
Kienzan B (hold) Unblockable and unrepellable Destructo Disc 500 - 700 - 5.000 - 5.400
Dash Ki Blasts Dash, B Shoots 3 Ki Blasts at cost of only one. 160 - 480 - 1.500
Dash Kienzan Dash, B (hold) Same as still variant. 500 - 700 - 5.000 - 5.400
Jump Ki Blasts Jump, B Same as Dash variant. 160 - 480 - 1.500
Jump Kienzan Jump, B (hold) Same as still and Dash variants. 500 - 700 - 5.000 - 5.400

MAX Power Mode Edit

MAX Power Mode
Input Additional Info Damages
Homing Dragon +1 Smash/Banishing Attack, X/N and (hold) A Additional Homing Dragon 1.510
Hyper Smash Charge + (direction +) B (hold) Bypass guard ; basic move 2.350
Ki Blast Bounce Passive .
Super Dash Dash, A (charge or not) Teleport before an unvariable Dash Smash. 670
Violent Rush AAAAA... Infinite Rush combo 70-135
Dragon Heavy Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold) Punch allowing to perform Dragon Heavy Combo 840
Dragon Heavy Combo Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... Violently pummel the ennemy, quickly drain the Max Power Gauge 340-327
Dragon Heavy Exit Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... B Kick away the ennemy, allow to use Dragon Heavy Finish + 1.260
Dragon Heavy Finish Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... B L2+B (charge) Fire a chargeable and weaker Kamehameha

Missing Techniques Edit

Missing Techniques
Standard In Max Power Mode Forms
  • Charge Counter
  • Massive Throw
  • "Real" Step-In Counter
  • Rolling Hammer
  • Additional Banishing Attack
  • Super Movement
  • Rush Brickwall effect
  • Transform
  • Revert
  • Fusion

Blast techniques Edit

Blast 1
Blast Cost Quick description
Solar Flare 1 / 3 Blind close ennemy, making him losing his lock-on and being unable to see for few seconds.
After Image Strike 3 / 3 Grants 3 automatic dodges.
Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast
Ki Cost (/5) Hits Damages Wiimote move Quick description
Standard Wiimote
Kamehameha 2 6 3.300


? Kameha Chargeable beam
Expanded Energy Blast 3 8 3.800


? ? Unique ; shoots 8 fireballs above the ennemy (without destroying landscape), then home at the ennemy. Both scoring shots and damage per shot are random, even in equal circumstances.
Destructo Disc (Ultimate) 4 6 2.000


? ? Shots 6 unblockable, mid-range and average-speed Kienzans, one after another.

Miscellaneous Edit

Dragon Library description Edit



Outfits Edit

  1. Standard kimono outfit.
  2. Saiyan armor (Namek saga)
  3. Haired look (Majin Buu saga).


In Dragon Adventure and Ultimate Battle Z modes Edit

Krillin is playable in  :

Krillin is fought in :