Don't be fooled by his childish appearance, Majin Buu is a great complete fighter, good both on melee and on Blasts 2.


Gameplay Edit

Being a complete character means being good on almost every aspect. Majin Buu falls in this category, having a lot of HP, great Blasts 2 and great Melee abilities, albeit a little slow and hard to masterize. However, his Max Power Mode and Blasts 1 are not very useful ; Buu focuses more on direct action !

Flame Shower Breath (Neutral / C-Right, 3 Ki Bars) symbolize this straight-and-effective orientation. It is a direct 10.000 HP worth air blast ! Plain and simple. Chocolate Beam (Up / Shake, 4 Ki Bars) costs more Ki and does a little less damages, but chase the ennemy on great distance and then allow you to build up some Ki afterwards. An uncommon downside is the duration of the animation : it is quite long, so it can become boring to use it too often. Flame Shower Breath wins other Chocolate Beam, both in cost, damages and animation speed.

On Melee stage, Majin Buu can stun giants opponents and use the outrageous Rolling Hammer and Infinite Heavy Combo ! But the later can be tricky to perform, due to Majin Buu's slow attack speed (allowing faster opponents to turn forward to recover from Rolling Hammer) and yet small window to perform Heavy Finish, where is it easy to fail and perform a last standard punch or Kiai Cannon.

To perform Infinite Heavy Combo, you must enter :

  • Full rush, Rush-In, 1-4 punches, Rolling Hammer, then loop : 4 punches and charged Heavy Finish.
  • 5xA, X/N, 1-4xA, Right/Left+B (charge), then loop : 4xA, charged B

The difficulty is to push B on the right moment ; if too soon, you might execute a Kiai Cannon and end the combo ; if too late, you'll just finish the rush standard (and low-damaging) combo. You then have to charge B while giving the first, "leaning" kick of the second string. You can also use this combo with the first Heavy Finish. Doing the combo with the second Heavy Finish is risky, as opponent can turn back between the punch and the Finish. Once again, Majin Buu is not the easiest user of Infinite Heavy Combo ; but mastering it is the quickest way to victory.

Majin Buu's full Air Combo is easier to use yet destructive. Mixing high base damages, stun on every opponent and Rolling Hammer, it is able to deal more than 20.000 damages ! Here you are :

  • Full rush, Rush-In, 1-4 punches, Rolling Hammer, 1-4 punches, Lift Strike, Homing Jump, Full Air Combo.
  • 5xA, X/N, 1-4xA, Right/Left+B (charge), 1-4xA, Up+B (charge), X/N, B, 4xA, B.

Another particularity in melee with Majin Buu is his throw : his grab as long reach, allowing him to catch opponents out of ennemy's standard attacks range. Use it if you can, as it deals almost 4.500 damages, and allows you to charge up Ki afterward.

Max Power Mode's should be rarely used, as it gives only little help. Only benefit is the "brickwall effect" against small punches and Ki blasts. Ultimate Blast, Angry Explosion, does only 2.000 more damages than Blasts 2, and there is no Violent Rush nor Max Power Combo Finisher. So, only notable use of Max Power Mode is to use it for approaching the ennemy, unbothered by little Ki Blasts, and initiate a melee combo, supported both by natural anti-brickwall attack and Max Power Mode brickwall effect. Relying on undodgeable damages with Angry Explosion is overshadowed by Chocolate Beam : both allow to get close to the ennemy, ignoring his Ki Blasts and low attacks, but Chocolate Beam cost less Ki, doesn't need Max Power Mode, and have a far better knockback which allows to charge some Ki afterward. Only downside is damages dealt, which worth 9.800 HP for Chocolate Beam and 12.000 HP for Angry Explosion.

Majin Buu's Blasts 1 are so-so. Kaikosen (Neutral, 2/3 Blast Stocks) can help to initiate the Infinite Combo (or whatever combo), but you won't probably need this as Majin Buu stuns even giants with standard punches, and Max Power Mode gives him a Ki Blasts and low punches resistance, for only one Blast Stock . Not that Majin Buu has great usage of Blast Stocks... Beware against Rush-type Blast moves, as this B1 is slow to initiate, it isn't a good punishement ; Flame Shower Breath, however, is instant, and don't need Blast Stocks. Sleep (Up, 3/3 Blast Stocks) is almost unusable with Majin Buu : it needs to disorient ennemy prior to be used, leaving 3 options : Hyper Smash, Ultimate Blast or full Air combo. Problems are, ennemies recover quickly from Air Combo, and Max Power Mode (for Hyper Smash or Angry Explosion) needs to consume one of the maximum 3 Blast Stocks, leading in a waiting phase once you are hidden... waiting for getting back the third Blast Stock, and then use Sleep, and then wait again Buu awakes... Meanwhile, ennemy has plenty of time to search and/or destroy the scene.

So, Melee or Blasts 2 are good on Majin Buu. Max Power Mode and Blasts 1 can be put aside. Whatever, be sure to stock at least 3 Ki Bars everytime, in order to unleash Flame Shower Breath to punish a rush-type Blast move. Or just spam them !

Z-Items Edit

There are items which work the best with Majin Buu :

  1. Equipment Slot +3
  2. Health +19 : Best resistance item (Defense +19 is second and Mystery of Sheron is last, on Majin Buu and probably on all characters).

Offensive items : depends on your fighting preferences, as Majin Buu is good both on Melee and on Blasts 2. You can also equip all these items to turn Majin Buu into a juggernaut !

  1. Blast 2 +19 : Buu's Blasts 2 are just wonderful.
  2. Attack +19 : Try to masterize Majin Buu's Chain Heavy combo ; it's the quickiest way to victory. If you don't, this slot is not wasted as Buu has other powerful melee moves (smashes, Air Combo, grab...)
  3. Ki +19 : This is situational, as Buu already as high Ki charging rate and can rely on melee. But since Blasts 2 are good with him...

Dispensable items : they can be good on others characters or forms, but little useful on Majin Buu :

  • Ultimate Blast +19 : Angry Explosion is rather good on this own, but Chocolate Beam is equally efficient for less efforts.
  • Blast 1 +19 : Blast Stocks are almost useless on Majin Buu, either for Blasts 1 or Max Power Mode.

Movelist Edit

Rush attacks and combos
Input Finisher Damages Ki
Single punch (1 hit) A Heavy Finish 280 + 650
Second punch (2 hits) 2xA Heavy Finish 560 + 1.300
Third punch (3 hits) 3xA Kiai Cannon 840 + 1.950
Kick (4 hits) 4xA Heavy Finish 1.300 + 2.600
Clap (5 hits) 5xA - 2.130 + 3.250
Rush-In 5xA, X/N Heavy Finish 0 .
Punch (6 hits) 5xA, X/N, A Heavy Finish 2.410 + 3.900
Second punch (7 hits) 5xA, X/N, 2xA Heavy Finish 2.690 + 4.550
Two quick punches (9 hits) 5xA, X/N, 3xA Kiai Cannon 2.970 + 5.200
Quick leaning kick (10 hits) 5xA, X/N, 4xA Heavy Finish 3.430 + 5.850
Second quick kick (11 hits) 5xA, X/N, 5xA - 4.810 + 6.500
Chase Attack 5xA, X/N, 5xA, Up + Guard - 0 - 16.384
Other Melee Techniques
Input Follow-up Damages Ki
Smash B (hold) Dragon Homing / Punishing Attack 1.840 (max) + 3.900 (max)
Vanishing Attack Smash / Homing Dragon, B Dragon Homing 4.140 + 2.600
Homing Dragon Smash / Vanishing Attack, X/N, A (hold) Punishing Attack 2.250 (max) ?
Rolling Hammer Right/Left + B (hold) - 440 - 740 + 650
Giant Throw Up + B near lying ennemy - 0 .
Input Additional Effect Damages Ki
Counter Throw Rush, Guard (hold) Long reach 4.550 (7 hits) - 9.000
Step-in Strike X/N, Guard (hold) . 1.770 - 9.000
Finishers and follow-ups
Input Step-In variant ? Additional Damages Ki
Heavy Finish 1/2/4xA/X/N, B (hold) Normal 740 - 1.930 + 1.300 - 2.600
Heavy Crush Heavy Finish, 2xB, A - 2.490 - 3.680 (+1.750) +7.150
Kiai Cannon 3xA, B - 1.030 - 1.770 + 1.300 - 2.600
Ground Slash Rush, Down + B (hold) Normal 830 - 1.660 + 1.300 - 2.600
Dragon Tornado Ground Slash, 2xB, A - 6.280 - 7.110 (+5.450) + 5.850
Lift Strike Rush/X/N, Up + B (hold) Normal 880 - 1.770 + 1.300 - 2.600
Full Air Combo Lift Strike + X/N + B, 4xA, B - 8.970 - 9.860 (+8.090) + 5.200
Ki Blasts
Input Additional info Damages Ki
Simple Ki Blast B 360 - 3.000
5 Rush Ki Blast 5xB 1.800 - 15.000
Pink fireball B (hold) The more Buu charges, the more curved the trajectory (side curved, then up-curved) and the shorter the range. 800 - 1.200 - 9.000 - 12.000
Dash Ki Blast Dash, B Shoots 2 Ki Blasts 500 - 1.000 - 7.000
Dash pink fireball Dash, B (hold) Pink fireball with straight trajectory, far better speed, higher damages and smaller cost. 770 - 1.710 - 8.000.
Jump Ki Blasts Jump, B Shoots 2 salvos of 3 fireballs 170 - 1.020 - 9.000
Jump pink fireball Jump, B (hold) Same as Dash variant 770 - 1.710 - 8.000.
MAX Power Mode
Input Additional Info Damages
Banishing Attack +1 Smash/Dragon Homing, B Additional Banishing Attack  ?
Homing Dragon +1 Smash/Banishing Attack, X/N (and hold A) Additional Homing Dragon  ?
Total Brickwall (passive) Buu doesn't flinch under uncharged attacks and Ki Blasts .
Hyper Smash Charge + (direction +) B (hold) Bypass guard 3.220
Dragon Heavy Dragon Dash + B (hold) ... 920
Missing Techniques
Standard In Max Power Mode
Flying Kick Super Movement
Kiai Cannon Smash Super Dash
Sonic Impact Violent Rush
Smash cancel Max Power Combo Finisher
Illusion Slash
Hits combos Attack Defense Goku Comparison
Raw % Raw %
Simple attack 1 hit 280 112 % 200 80 % 250
Rush attack 5 hits 2.130 132 % 1.550 96 % 1.610
Smash 1 hit 1.840 131 % 1.350 96 % 1.400
Grab 7 hit 4.550 192 % 2.360 96 % 2.450
Ki blasts rush 5 blasts 1.800 144 % 1.200 96 % 1.250
Per blast 1 blast 360 150 % 240 96 % 250
Charged ki blast 1 blast 1.200 111 % 1.040 96 % 1.080
Kamehameha - - - 4.620 96 % 4.800

Common traits and techniquesEdit

Passives Common melee moves Max Power Mode
Absorb Ki Blasts - Banishing Attack Yes Banishing Attack + +1
Cyborg - Step-In Yes Homing Dragon + +1
Fly Yes Rush In Yes Ki Blast Defense Resist
Giant - Chase Attack Yes Rush Armor Yes
Lock-On Type None High Speed Motion Yes Super Movement -
Range - Lift Strike / Air Combos Yes Super Dash -
Stun Power - Ground Slash Yes Violent Rush -
Stun Defense - Dragon Tornado Yes Hyper Smash Yes
Rolling Hammer Yes Max Power Combo Yes
Sonic Impact - Max Power Combo Finish -
Massive Throw Yes
Illusion Slash -



Blast techniquesEdit

Blast 1
Blast Cost Quick description
Kaikosen 2 / 3 Paralyze the ennemy and damages 2.450 HP.
Sleep 3 / 3 Recovers 33% of maximum HP and grant bonuses if succeded.
Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast
Ki Cost (/5) Hits Damages Wiimote move Quick description
Standard Wiimote
Flame Shower Breath 3 1 10.000 ? ? Invisible large projectile
Chocolate Beam 4 14 9.810 ? Shake Long rush, teleport to the arena's center, Buu ends on land and the opponent is pushed away in front of him.
Angry Explosion 5 5 12.000 ? Down Super explosive wave.

Miscellaneous Edit

Dragon Library description Edit

This is the form that surpasses Super Saiyan 2. In this form, the hidden power in a Saiyan’s blood is taken to its limits.

At first glance, this is an extreme change when compared to a regular Super Saiyan. The eyebrows disappear and the hair grows even longer. The power of a Super Saiyan 3 is far greater than any Saiyan level before.

However, the transformation requires a lot of energy. Only in Other World can a Saiyan keep this power for a long period of time. Anywhere else, the time a Saiyan can stay at the super Saiyan 3 level is very short.


How to unlock Edit

Complete XXX scenario.


Outfits Edit

  1. Standard outfit.
  2. Palette swap : purple pant and green cape.


In Dragon Adventure and Ultimate Battle Z modes Edit

Majin Buu is playable in  :

Majin Buu is fought in :

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