Explosive Wave

Shield Blast 1 is an "unofficial" term for Blast 1 techniques that create a barrier around the user. They usually cost 1 Blast Stock but have several degree of effectiveness, the basic version being Explosive Wave.

Explosive WaveEdit

This is the basic form of shield ; all shields have the caracteristics of Explosive Wave (in other words, other versions are more effective).

Explosive Wave protects from melee attacks and Ki Blasts. If ennemy is at close range, he's knocked down and takes invariably 490 points of damage, whatever user and opponent's statistics.

Downside is user is incapacited for about 1.5 seconds, allowing ennemy to react, usually by setting up a Blast 2 or a smash and landing it the second the shield is over, resulting in receiving more damages than prevented.

So Explosive Wave is a more than risky move to use. An exception can be used : if you are at maximum height, the ennemy will be knocked to the ground, allowing shield to dissipate before the ennemy can react.

Improved ShieldsEdit

This is again an unofficial term.

With several characters, the shield gets an other name than Explosive Wave (Psycho Barrier, Android Barrier or Hero's Flute) and is able to parries ALL attacks, including Blasts 2 and Ultimate Blasts.

This makes the shield a valuable move, much more than Explosive Wave. Indeed, it has same flaw than Explosive Wave, aka immobilization, so the interest is to use it when ennemy use a Blast move for avoiding it. The move will simply pass through the user, without harming it.

So, maximizing Blast 1 stat with improved shields users is a good idea, as it allows the user to evades maximum Blast moves.


Explosive Wave usersEdit

  • Android 16
  • Broly : Legendary SSJ
  • Cell : Perfect (3rd) form
  • Cell Jr
  • Frieza : 2nd and 3rd forms
  • Gohan : SSJ and SSJ 2 forms
  • Goku : Vegito form
  • Great Ape Baddack
  • Great Ape Nappa
  • Hirudegarn
  • Jeice
  • Kid Trunks : SSJ form
  • Salza
  • Slug : all forms
  • Super Buu : Base and Gotenks absorbed forms
  • Teen Gohan : SSJ and SSJ forms
  • Trunks : all forms
  • Trunks (Sword) : SSJ form
  • Turles : all forms
  • Vegeta : all forms
  • Vegeta (Second form) : SSJ, SSJ 2 and Vegito forms
  • Vegeta (Scouter) : all forms

Improved shield usersEdit

  • Android Barrier
    • Android 13 : Fusion form
    • Android 17
    • Android 18
  • Hero's Flute
    • Tapion
  • Psycho Barrier
    • Bojack : all forms
    • Cooler : Final form
    • Zangya

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