Spamming is the act of repeating an attack, action, or combo. Spamming is a 'strategy' many new players use to help them win, or help themselves get used to the games mechanics.

Spam CharactersEdit

Spam Characters Some Characters are referred to as 'spam characters'.

These include, but are not limited to:

Hercule is usually referred to as the 'god of Spam'.

Controversy of SpammingEdit

Spamming could be seen as both good, and bad.

Spamming is often seen as a strategy that new or unskilled players use, and often results in complaints and arguments.

However, it can be said, that since a player is new, or unskilled, they had no other choice but to spam, due to the more experienced player easily defeating the former.

Also, some characters just lack the ability to win with anything other than spamming, an example of this would be Hercule, since his regular attacks do little to no damage.

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