Strategy Edit

Supreme Kai can be resumed as a Rush Blast Move chainer/spammer, helped by good disorienting yet low melee moves. Concretly, you'll use Crazy Rush all day, and could repel ennemy with these disorienting moves should it come to melee, to use Crazy Rush again...

Best moves Edit

Crazy Rush Edit

A boring yet excellent Rush Blast Move ! Long reach, teleport and repel ennemy so far away that Supreme Kai got enough time to recover at least 3 Ki Bars after use !

You can sort of loop this attack ; after use, immediatly charge Ki, and when ennemy lands, use Crazy Rush again. With some luck, ennemy will rise right when you touch him, and attack will connect.

If not, try a Step-In Body Strike right when ennemy rises, then Crazy Rush again !

Disorienting Step-In Body Strike Edit

Name says all. Step-In Body Strike is quick and almost unavoidable if correctly timed, and disorientation is a great asset. Meaning you can easily and often cause confusion in ennemy's play.

With some timing, you can follow either with a Sonic Impact (and then loop this 2-moves combo) or a Crazy Rush. In another hand, you can use this technique to buy time in order to hide or to build up Ki.

Disorienting Kiai Cannon Edit

Albeit slow to land, either in "normal" or "Step-In" version, the lock-on cancellation is a good bonus. You can then :

  • follow with Crazy Rush for maximal damages. The ennemy won't be able to use a Blast move as get-up since he loses his Lock-On.
  • build up Ki... and then use Crazy Rush !
  • Kiai Cannon Smash is not recommanded : it adds some damages, but ennemy recovers his Lock-On, and can then use a Blast Move as he gets up after the smash, to counter your incoming Crazy Rush.

In "normal" version, it is used after the 3rd or 4th standard attack. Try a "5xA, Rush-In, 4xA and charge B" combo, followed either by combo above or by charging Ki. This is the Supreme Kai's best simple melee combo, and permits to safely use Crazy Rush right after, without retaliation.

Remember it is painfully long to land the Kiai Cannon in "Step-In" variant, so it should not be used. The disorienting Step-In Body Strike is a better option for Step-In approach.

Useful moves Edit

Energy's Last Edit

This is a very classical beam attack, with a low Ki cost (2 bars) but an uncommon flaw : it does not knock off opponent. So, don't expect to gain time after using it, neither to repel an ennemy. You'll have to transform for this.

Still, it retains the typical beam attack advantages (ie piercing through fireball-type Blasts 2, stopping Rush Blast Moves...) but also disadvantages (ie predictability and easy dodging).

After Image Strike Edit

Psychokinesis isn't very useful on Supreme Kai, and his Max Power Mode is not that good either ; Blast Stocks can so be used in the most defensive way. It costs the whole 3 Blast Stocks to grant 3 afterimages.

Point is, if you spam Crazy Rush, you'll probably end the match before reaching full Blast Stocks !

Remember also that afterimages prevail over the Step-In Body Strike.

Situational moves Edit

Psychokinesis Edit

This Blast 1 is nearly useless on Supreme Kai since his main attack is Crazy Rush, and Step-In Body Strike and disorienting Kiai Cannon are wonderful initiators for this.

Paralyzing Ki Blast Edit

This could have been a good move if the charge time (as it needs to be fully charged to have a real impact) and the speed have been better...

Max Power Mode / Ultimate Blast Edit

Max Power Mode gives good advantages like Ki Blasts auto-deflection, traditional Hyper Smash against giants and Super Movement... but that suits best melee fighters. And since Gekiretsu Shin'ou'hou is just a second standard beam attack, you probably never use it.

Weak spots Edit

Slowness Edit

Supreme Kai is slow both on melee, on flying and on Ki Blasts speed. This is also why he relies primarily on Crazy Rush.

Giant opponents Edit

Supreme Kai is helpless against Giants : too slow to land Step-In Kiai Cannon and Energy's Last doesn't knock off ennemy. And you won't kill ennemy by using only Step-In Body Strike. This later is however useful to repel ennemy until you reach 1 Blast Stock.

Then, transform as soon as possible into Kibitoshin in order to use Instant Transmission and Energy Wave, which knocks off ennemy.

Ultimately, if you don't want to transform, you can try to turn into Max Power Mode and combo Super Dash > Hyper Smash. At least, you won't be bothered by ennemy's Ki Blasts.

Z-Items Edit

There are items which work the best with Supreme Kai - Base form :

  1. Equipment Slot +3
  2. Health +19 : Best resistance item (Defense +19 is second and Mystery of Sheron is last, on Supreme Kai - Base form and probably on all characters).
  3. Blast 2 +19 : Supreme Kai's best (and nearly only good) weapon is Crazy Rush.

Possible items include :

  1. Ki +19 : To fuel Crazy Rush quicker. In another hand, Crazy Rush gives so many time after use, this item is not really needed.
  2. Blast 1 +19 : To be able to use After Image Strike and/or to transform sooner.
  3. Master's Essence : 2 of its 3 effects are useful here : Ki will charge a little bit faster, and Step-In Body Strike will not cost Ki anymore, so you won't be surprised by not being able to perform Crazy Rush right after.
  4. Master's Secret Plan : The "Lock-On slow" benefits either to Supreme Kai's Step-In Body Strike and Kiai Cannon, while the "Raging Hurricane" component can help (but only once) if you use Crazy Rush too soon.

Movelist Edit

Melee Edit

Rush attacks and combos
Hits combo Input Finisher Damages Ki
Left palm 1 A Flying Kick 100 + 850
Joined palms 2 2xA Kiai Cannon 200 + 1.700
Left revers 3 3xA Kiai Cannon 400 + 2.550
Right uppercut 4 4xA Heavy Finish 700 + 3.400
Right chop 5 5xA - 1.100 + 4.250
Rush-In (5) 5xA, X/N Sway Heavy 0 .
Spin 5xA, X/N, A Flying Kick 1.300 + 5.100
Spin 2 7 5xA, X/N, 2xA Kiai Cannon 1.500 + 5.950
Spinning kick 8 5xA, X/N, 3xA Kiai Cannon 1.750 + 6.800
Spinning kick 2 9 5xA, X/N, 4xA Heavy Finish 2.050 + 7.650
Final punch 10 5xA, X/N, 5xA - 2.850 + 8.500
Other Melee Techniques
Hits combo Input Follow-up Damages Ki
Grab 1 Up, X/N (Throw forward) 1.500 .
Smash 1 B (hold) Dragon Homing / Punishing Attack 510 - 1.280 + 1.700 - 5.100
Vanishing Attack 1 Smash / Homing Dragon, B Dragon Homing + 1.500 + 3.400
Homing Dragon 1 Smash / Vanishing Attack, X/N, A (hold) Punishing Attack + 1.530 ?
Illusion Slash 1 Dragon Tornado 430 - 1.020 + 1.700 - 3.400
Dash Smash Hit 1 Dash, A (charge) Sonic Impact (X/N, A, B, A) 260 - 680 + 1.700 - 3.400
Sonic Impact 4 (+3) Dash Smash Hit, B, A (include ground hit) = 2.810 - 3.230


= 6.800

- 8.500 (+3.400)

Hits combo Input Additional Effect Damages Ki
? (teleport) 0 Rush, Guard (hold) - 0 - 9.000
Step-in Body Strike ? 1 X/N, Guard (hold) Disorient 430 - 9.000
Finishers and follow-ups
Hits combo Input Step-In variant ? Additional Damages Ki
Flying Kick +4 1xA, B - 440 + 900
Heavy Finish +1 4xA, B (hold) - 430 - 1.360 + 1.700 - 3.400
Disorienting Kiai Cannon +1 2/3xA, B Normal 510 - 1.020 1.700 - 3.400
Kiai Cannon Smash +3 (+2) 2xA, B, B - = 1.350 - 1.770 (+750) = 3.400 - 5.100 (+1.700)
Ground Slash +1 Rush, Down + B (hold) Normal 430 - 1.020 + 1.700 - 3.400
Dragon Tornado +5 (+4) Ground Slash, 2xB, A (include ground hit) = 3.560 - 4.150 (+3.130) = 9.350 - 11.050 (+7.650)
Lift Strike +1 Rush/X/N, Up + B (hold) Normal 430 - 1.020 + 1.700 - 3.400
Full Air Combo  ? Lift Strike + X/N + B, 4xA, B - = 5.690 - 6.290 (+5.260) = 8.500 - 10.200 (+6.800)

Ki Blasts Edit

Ki Blasts
Input Additional info Damages Ki
Simple Ki Blast(s) 1-5xB Fire up to 3 Ki Blasts. 180 - 540 - 1.400 - 4.200
Paralyzing Fireball B (hold) Purple, electric, big and slow fireball with straight trajectory which briefly incapacitate the ennemy. 450 - 1.000 - 3.000 - 6.000
Dash Ki Blasts Dash, B Shoots 2 Ki Blasts at cost of only one. 180 - 360 - 1.400
Dash Fireball Dash, B (hold) Same as still variant, but without electricity and paralysing effect. 400 - 1.000 - 2.000 - 2.500
Jump Ki Blasts Jump, B Shoots 3 Ki Blasts at cost of only one. 180 - 540 - 1.400
Jump Fireball Jump, B (hold) Same as dash variant, but with a different aspect. 400 - 1.000 - 2.000 - 2.500

MAX Power Mode Edit

MAX Power Mode
Input Additional Info Damages
Homing Dragon +1 Smash/Banishing Attack, X/N and (hold) A Additional Homing Dragon 1.530
Hyper Smash Charge + (direction +) B (hold) Bypass guard ; basic move 2.980
Ki Blast Immunity (Passive) Ennemy's Ki blasts bounce on you, without any harm. 0
Super Dash Dash + A (hold or not) Replace Dash Smash Hit, forbids the Sonic Impact combo. 680
Super Movement Direction + Guard Teleport in short distance where you put the stick 0
Dragon Heavy Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold) Punch allowing to perform Dragon Heavy Combo 850
Dragon Heavy Combo Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... Violently pummel the ennemy, quickly drain the Max Power Gauge + 430
Dragon Heavy Exit Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... B Kick away the ennemy, allow to use Dragon Heavy Finish + 1.280
Dragon Heavy Finish Dragon Dash / Homing Dragon + B (can hold), AAAAAA... B L2+B (charge) Fire a chargeable and weaker Energy's Last + 3.520 - 6.080

Missing Techniques Edit

Missing Techniques
Standard In Max Power Mode Other
  • Charge Counter
  • Chase Attack
  • Heavy Crush
  • Massive Throw
  • Normal Dash Smash
  • Rolling Hammer
  • Additionnal Vanishing Attack
  • Violent Rush
  • Fusion
  • Revert
  • Stun power

Blast techniques Edit

Blast 1
Blast Cost Quick description
After Image Strike 3 / 3 Gives 3 automatic dodges when blocking.
Psychokinesis 1 / 3 Unblockable short reach attack which briefly incapacitates ennemy.
Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast
Ki Cost (/5) Hits Damages Wiimote move Quick description
Standard Wiimote
Energy's Last 2 1 8.000 ? ? Standard Beam
Crazy Rush 2 11 7.800 ? Shake Rush ; long reach, teleport to the center of the arena, airborne, then throw ennemy far forward.
Gekiretsu Shin'hou'hou (Ultimate) 4 1 12.000 ? ? Standard larger Beam

Transformations Edit

Blast Cost Input Additional effect
Kibitoshin 1 / 3 R3 / 2
  • +10.000 Health
  • Full Ki gauge

Miscellaneous Edit

Dragon Library description Edit

The Supreme Kai stands at the pinnacle of the celestial realm. As he watches over the East Galaxy, his full title is the Eastern Supreme Kai.

There were once five Supreme Kais, but the other four were killed and absorbed by the monster Majin Buu. Now only the Eastern Supreme Kai remains.

Upon learning of Badidi's plans to revive Majin Buu, he and Kibito went to Earth to intervene.

Though he possesses impressive telepathic and psychokinetic abilities, he was not the strongest of the Supreme Kais, and could not handle Majin Buu by himself.

In spite of his exalted status, the Supreme Kai can by no means claim to be omnipotent. He did not know of the Elder Kai sealed within the Z-Sword, nor of the Potara earrings.

Voice actor Edit

Japanese : Yuji Mitsuya

English : Kent Williams

Outfits Edit

  1. Classical.
  2. Green palette swap.


In Dragon Adventure and Ultimate Battle Z modes Edit

Supreme Kai - Base form is playable in :

Supreme Kai - Base form is fought in :

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In manga and/or anime, Supreme Kai - Base form use these moves :