Final Garlic Cannon

"Saiyans are true warrior race ! Don't underestimate us !"

Warrior Race is the 9th Ability-type Z-Item in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2.


Description Edit

In Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2, when attacker punches defender, only with normal attacks / normal rushes, attacker gains an infinitesimal amount of Ki.

With this item equipped, attacker gains about 50% more Ki than usual this way. This bonus is not affected by any means, and will always be 50%. So there is no point on equiping multiple Warrior Race.

Note that the in-game description, telling about taking damages, is actually wrong, as you gain Ki by dealing damages, and not by receiving it.

Similar Items Edit

Indomitable Spirit has the same effect (and same price) except all characters can equip it, but it can be purchased later than Warrior Race (Silver Member Card is required).

Note that multiple Warrior Race and/or Indomitable Spirit don't stack in any way. The bonus will never be higher than 50%.

Strategy Edit

The Ki gain remains very minimal, limitating this item's usefulness. It can eventually be equipped (and, if possible, paired with a Ki auto-generating item like High Tension) on characters which rely on Chain Heavy Combo, so they might :

  • Stock Ki while preventing ennemy to do so, giving a Ki advantage.
  • Be able to use a Blast 2 to punish ennemy if he breaks the combo.
  • Throw a Blast 2 at the end of the combo, to do additional damages. However, characters who use Chain Heavy Combo tend to rely on Attack rather on Blast damages, and using a Blast move end the Chain Heavy Combo.

But once again, this is rather unlikely. Whatever you do, you won't be able to turn your character on some sort of Android (like #18), able to generating a lot of Ki while attacking.

At best, this item is situational ; at worst, it is pretty useless.


Warrior Race can only be obtained by buying it on Item Shop, and only once you have completed Frieza's saga, at following prices :

  • Bronze Member Card : 27.000 Zenis
  • Silver Membr Card : 24.000 Zenis
  • Gold Member Card : 15.000 Zenis

Adresses Edit

In game's hidden data (accessible with tool like CheatEngine for example), 20634382 is the adress for the amount of Warrior Race items in player's possession.

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